I'm a software developer. I also do some other things.
Photo of Mission Mike playing videogames with his three children. Sitting at a computer desk with a green screen behind them.

Playing video games with my kids and recording our gameplay together is my fav!! Check out our YouTube channels Mikey & Daddy and Sleepy Slawths.

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Headless WordPress & Next.js on Kubernetes: Page R...

Updated: Sunday, Mar 26, 2023

If you're looking to revalidate a Next.js page automatically after a WordPress post update, read on! The technique can be applied to any back-end using Next.js for the front-end, hosted in a Kubernetes cluster. [...] Read More.

🍕 Food for Thought

THE BOY SCOUTS HAVE A RULE: “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.” If you find a mess on the ground, you clean it up regardless of who might have made it. You intentionally improve the environment for the next group of campers.

... What if we followed a similar rule in our code: “Always check a module in cleaner than when you checked it out”? Regardless of who the original author was, what if we always made some effort, no matter how small, to improve the module? What would be the result?

I think if we all followed that simple rule, we would see the end of the relentless deterioration of our software systems. Instead, our systems would gradually get better and better as they evolved. We would also see teams caring for the system as a whole, rather than just individuals caring for their own small part.

— Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob),
97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Photo of Mission Mike and his two office dogs, Maximus and Magnus lying on the floor in front of the desk.

I spend the workday coding with my trusty office doggos, Maximus (left) and Magnus. Sometimes I fear their snoring can be overheard during Zoom meetings.

Mike eating breakfast with his wife Yohana and their children.

My family is my ❤️... Everything I do, I do for them. Their wellbeing is my mission.

Quote of the Day💬

"What's the difference between regular parsley and Italian parsley? Does Italian parsley have an accent or something?"

Mikey, age 9.