Whoever you are and however you landed here – I wish you well. I hope you find this site, and its contents useful.

I intend to share what I’ve learned while forging my career path as a designer and developer. I’m spending time on this project both for my own self-improvement, and to help others working along their own paths as a developers, designers, creative problem-solvers, etc.

My ‘free time’ is sparse considering work obligations, my growing family and volunteer responsibilities, so please pardon the perpetual incompleteness of this particular web project.

But — is a web developer’s work ever really done?*


Not every article can fit into a specific bucket. This category is for those articles.

► Consider the Next PersonInheritance: As developers, we can inherit the work of others. This could happen for many reasons. Perhaps the original developer(s) had moved on to another position within (or without) the… Read more...


Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is the brick & mortar of the client-side web.

Articles coming soon...


Cascading Style Sheets

The paint and finish of the modern web.

► Extraneous CSS CleanupOccasionally I need to spend time investigating an installation to determine: “What code is still needed?” Sometimes I’m working with a lean code base that powers a small 5-page installation.… Read more...


git commit -am 'fixed what i broke'

# Fixed what I broke. # A revision tracker of code changes. modified: mylife.js ++

Articles coming soon...


Content Management System

My favorite content management system. It's extensible, has excellent documentation, is open-source... it's just great.

► Scrape and Debug: A WordPress PluginHave you ever found yourself making minor edits to a featured image, or description blurb, and then re-running the URL through Facebook’s Share Debugger, or the Google Rich Results Test?… Read more...


Originally Designed in 10 days. Evolved beyond the browser.

JavaScript is incredible. More on that later.

Articles coming soon...


PHP; Hypertext Preprocessor

A recursive acronym.

Articles coming soon...


Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP/PERL/Python

A great stack. My stack of choice, with a heavy dose of PHP.

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A powerful CRM, extensible and adaptable to any business application or user base.

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Creative Suite

A swath of amazing tools. From imagination to production, this suite is immense.

Articles coming soon...